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Bundi: – Bundi is a small district located in Hadoti region of Rajasthan in western part of India. Bundi is divided into 5 Tehsils and these are Bundi, Nainwa, Keshoraipatan, Hin doli and Indragarh. The north part of Bundi is bordered by Tonk district, east is Kota district, west is Bhilwara district and south is Chhitorgarh district. It is a town of famous forts and havelis. Bundi is situated at a distance of approx 200 Kilometers from Jaipur. The town is blessed with beautiful lakes, Aravalli hills, rivers and waterfalls. The Indragarh town of Bundi district is famous for the temple of Kali, Bijasan Mata and Kamleshwar temple. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Indian State of Rajasthan. There are three important festivals celebrated with great enthusiasm: Kajali Teej, Gangaur festival and Bundi Festival. There are many hotels where you can accommodate with good facilities at an affordable price cost. You can reach Bundi by Rail, Air and Road.

The summers starts from March and ends in june with the maximum temperature of 45 Degree C., Monsoon Season Starts from July and ends in September but Monsoon season receives heavy rainfall in Bundi and winters starts from October and ends in March with pleasant weather and temperature goes around 2 Degree C. So the best time to explore Bundi is From October to March.

Famous places in Bundi

  • Taragarh Fort
  • Raniji ki Baori
  • Bundi Palace
  • Shikar Burj
  • Indragarh Fort
  • Badal Mahal
  • Chhatra Mahal
  • Phool Mahal
  • Dhooleshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Cave Paintings
  • Moti Mahal

There are many palaces and fort which have been converted in to hotels to attract tourists in Bundi. It is famous for its forts, palaces and Baoris. This place offers you the beautiful view of lakes, forts, havelis and ancient monuments.

Country India
Languages spokenHindi
Currency usedINR
Area (km2)193

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